When starting the planning process it can be so overwhelming! It can be hard to tell the difference between vendors, what they offer and what you may need!

We want to make the process as smooth as possible for you and for it to be an enjoyable experience. Hopefully these Q&As answer those niggly things that could be worrying you.


Ohh I know! They really do seem expensive and to be honest they are! Its one of the most labour intensive parts of your wedding I spend hours and hours stripping, plucking and prepping those babies. I put them in lukewarm water if I need them to open up just a little bit more or swish the stems in icy water if I’m desperately trying to stop the opening of the bloom ill even sing them a sweet lullaby if I think it will make your flowers the happiest they possibly can be!

To me, the bridal bouquets are the most special flowers on your day! I want to make them perfect. Often i’ll by 3 bunches of peonies just to pick out the best few stems

Do you deliver and install the flowers?

Yes! will always deliver and install your flowers we are pretty hands-on like this – We don’t want you to have to worry about a thing on your day! enjoy and relax, Leave it up to us. Bridal work and button holes get delivered to the separate addresses Everything gets explained in detail and We make sure you feel comfortable with what we have created. I either email or call a few weeks prior to your wedding (whichever works better for you) and discuss the logistics of the day. What we will be installing and at what times. Sometimes things change slightly if the weather is not great either super hot, wet or blowing a gale. Long story short. We always do whats best for your flowers.. so I that means waiting until the sun hides behind the big tree before we create your arbour than that’s what we do.

What if I’m not 100% sure about the quote?

Ohhh Gosh, Please tell me! I want to get your quote just right. I know its such a big decision and ideas may change between our first interactions until your wedding I’m more than happy to make amendments to the quote.


I’m getting married on the South Coast or Southern Highlands but I don’t live in the area. Can we organise the florals from distance? You sure can! Many of my couples are from out of the area. We can jump on zoom for some face to face action and chat via email.

Do you travel?

We Love to travel!

Can I organise a time to meet in your flower studio?


What are the florist's labour charges and what does it cover?

This covers the behind the scenes stuff like paying my staff and keeping fuel in the van