FLOWERS. There is something magical about them. From their shape, to their form, to their delicate nature – it’s no secret that their ability to celebrate and capture the emotions of some of life’s most profound moments is something truly special.

For Flowers On The Mill’s founder, Caroline, to be surrounded by flowers in our little studio is a special thing She is always in awe that nature can produce such intense beauty. So much care and attention goes into each flowers very being and it’s our job to be custodian of these special blooms as they make their way from the growers flower farms to take their place in your special day. It’s a job we love and a job we take very seriously.

The Flowers On The Mill studio is nestled amongst the vibrantly green pastures of Caroline’s family dairy farm in Berry NSW – a space filled with love, laughter and surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the farm.

Flowers On The Mill’s creations are distinctive in nature. Loose, full, open florals with a garden-inspired touch always bespoke to our clients – their story, their values, and the emotions tied to whatever occasion their flowers will adorn.

We would love the opportunity to partner with you, capturing the essence of your story through the flowers.


To bring you the freshest, most unique floral arrangements, our days start early at 2.30AM to be exact.

Beginning with a 2-hour drive from the flower studio in Berry, we make our way to Sydney’s flower markets. There on the market floor we duck and weave between market stalls tracking down the blooms and foliage we need, always with our eye out for those statement pieces that appear once a season.

Upon returning back to our sunlit studio with our bounty, we draw inspiration from the farm around us.

Just outside the big bay windows of the studio, well-established camellias, sprouting hydrangeas and perfumy jasmine, all planted by my great grandfather many years ago, continue to thrive. Our studio’s location grounds and connects us to the farm and past generations and is a special place most especially because it is based in my great uncles Gus’s home.

His parents and grandmother lived there before him so the old house is steeped in history. It has so much character, that I wanted to bring life back into it – and spend time with my favourite person, Gus. At 93 years young, he’s now hung up his farmers cap to sit in the studio with me, casting his twinkling eyes over every arrangement I present him with before it goes out.

Needless to say, our studio is a family affair.

Right before we load the van with the creations we have made ready for our clients events, our cheeky Gus gives his sometimes unwelcome advice – his ideas of flowers sometimes clashing with my own. Disagreements on flower choices and colour aside, the bond we have and the joy and fun we share makes our time in the studio something very special indeed.

So. Whether we need to drive back to the markets for fresh blooms the day before an event to get the blooms at their peak, or foraging from the farm of our sprawling gardens, whether your special day is intimate, or a large family affair –
one thing will never change…

And that is our bid to capture your story through the curation of quality bouquets with heart, emotion,
and a loving personal touch.